A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An abstract game about resisting oppression, Impedance has the player navigate the maze of government regulation while collecting friends to help them on their journey.

Made as part of #ResistJam , Impedance represents a theme of government oppression in an abstract manner, and conveys a simple story within this abstraction.

Impedance was made by a team of 6:
Hayden Licon
Gilly Moon
Luke Morin
Nathan Savant
Vincent Tang
Theotime Vaillant

Thanks for checking out our game!

Install instructions

On Windows: Simply download and unzip the file. A Unity application will be in the unzipped folder, and launching that will launch the game.

On MacOS: Download and unzip the file. If the game doesn't start by double clicking the app, right-click on it, open it, then choose "open" in the prompt window. You only have to do it once, the first time you open the game!


ImpedanceWindows.zip 43 MB
ImpedanceMacOS.zip 47 MB

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